Custom furniture and cabinetry,

designed to reflect the custom-er,

created distinctively.

The shapes are you,

the colors are you,

the details & dimensions
are you.

Custom reflects the custom-er

Nature has given to each, unique traits or characteristics that distinguishes one from every other. During consultation, our custom furniture and cabinetry  MORE...

designers question and listen well, to understand you. We then translate you – your unique style preferences, ideas, needs and wants into a personally reflective, beautifully distinct and functional furnishing.

Bespoke gets it right

Unlike the uncertainty of shopping fine furniture stores, buying bespoke furniture and cabinets eliminates the possibility of purchasing mistakes.  Whether  MORE...

your style is modern, contemporary, transitional or something other, Paul Rene makes your room work. We get the style right, the color right, the size and function right.

Unlimited design possibilities

Whatever your style; transitional, contemporary, modern, southwest, or eco-friendly, the Paul Rene difference is unlimited freshness. We offer upholstery,  MORE...

case goods, and built-in cabinetry that transcends ordinary design solutions and common furniture store options. We are not a semi-custom furniture manufacturer. We stock no prefab components. We have no lists of styles, sizes or colors to choose from. Our expert craftsmen are gifted using high-quality hardwoods, exotic veneers, glass and metal. We offer environmentally friendly, low VOC, water based lacquers, high gloss piano finishes and all in between.

Custom design is within reach

The cost of custom handmade high-end furniture is budget driven. Budget NEVER compromises quality, it dictates design possibilities, MORE...

functionality and hardwood and other material options. During consultation, our custom furniture and cabinetry designers will ask for your budget, to determine if were a good fit to meet your needs and wants. Our highly skilled craftsman are worth a livable wage therefore, we have a minimum order.


 20 foot ceilings - ya think customer will put books on the top shelf?


  • 5-stars

    "Great craftsmanship and they take pride in their work. I am very pleased with the final product and would highly recommend them."

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    Great Craftsmanship a buyer of "Enfinity"
  • 5-stars "Together we designed a free standing pantry for my kitchen. Once the drawing was approved it was approximately 3 weeks to delivery. I couldn't be more pleased."

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    Collaborative Design a purchaser of "Delight"
  • 5-stars

    "Paul is detailed and provide an excellent product. You will not be disappointed!"

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    Detailed Excellence
  • 5-stars

    "I would highly recommend Paul. He was professional, did exactly what he promised and the work was beautiful. He crafted some custom doors to match the existing doors in our house and they are perfect."

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    Beautiful Work
  • 5-stars

    "The craftsmanship as well as design blew my wife and I away!"

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  • 5-stars

    "The designer and principal of the company, Paul Jeffrey, was professional, service-oriented, and solution-oriented - a truly top-notch individual to work with! Thank you, Paul!"

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As a social entrepreneur, I find the argument for sustainability lacking THE compelling point. Yes, I am concerned about the ever increasing intensity of destructive weather. However, the human dimension of this crisis is a greater concern to me. What good does it do to restore the earth and leave the people who come from it (whose bone is made from the same substance as rock, whose flesh is composed of the same substance as the earth’s vegetation and whose body is 75% water, exactly mirroring the planet’s water to land ratio) to overheat in anger, frustration, and insecurity due to job loss or a lack of means to adequately sustain ourselves and our families? Few care about environmental degradation because we don’t see ourselves in the sustainability picture. When we look at a photo the first person we search for in the picture is ourselves. Until we see ourselves as the object of the sustainability crisis, instead of sprouting trees, polar bears, penguins and other cute animals, often seen in advertisements, product packaging and other forms of public communications, the planet doesn’t have a chance.  

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